Lenovo vs HP laptops: How To Choose Your Next Laptop in 2021

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You don’t want to buy a laptop because you want it. You will buy a laptop because you need it. End of the story.

One of the nice things about laptops is their diversification, there is an endless amount of models (If you can think of it, it exists), from a pile of brands.Talking about brands, this short post will specifically compare Lenovo and HP. 

Choosing the brand should be your first priority when shopping for a new laptop. Now when it comes to Lenovo or HP, there is no doubt about these 2 brands. They are both making top quality, reliable and premium laptops.Thats what make the process of Choosing between these 2  brands difficult.

This process can be quite tricky since each brand has strength and weakness. Depending on what you need, you will have to choose accordingly. It’s crucial  to make the right decision in the first place, because this laptop will be your best friend for the next 3-6 years.

The perfect laptop for you exists and it’s waiting outhere.Lenovo and HP makes laptops for every kind of budget, needs or made for any specific tasks.

I can guarantee you that a laptop is the most valuable tool you can have nowadays. Arguably more important than your smartphone. Don’t believe me? Let me explain, you can do virtually anything on a laptop.

Whether you are using it for taking notes at school, engineering a new design on a 3D software, developing a new application for mobile or game, drawing, making digital arts on a 2-in-1 laptop, gaming with your friends online or just relaxing and watching a movie on netflix.

No matter what it is, you can do it. Just Imagine losing your  phone somewhere, it would suck. Now, imagine if it was your laptop, you would be in some serious trouble. There is no arguing, a laptop is still the most important device you can have in 2020.

Table of Contents

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo’s Strengths

  • Lenovo always had great, classic designs for their laptops. Almost all of their models are based on the same laptop style they had in the 80s. Newest models like the Lenovo x390 is no exception. It’s also the reason why some people fall in love with Lenovo laptops, because they have a really classic look. But that’s not stopping them from coming up with innovative ideas like touch screens, 4G connectivity, docking features and touchID lock!

  • They’re very strong in the gaming world, with their Legion gaming laptop series. And while they’re pretty performant machines, they’re also one of the best gaming laptops you can get for the money.
  • Lenovo has a big presence in the 2-in-1 laptops industry. They’ve got the Yoga laptop series, which bring a breath of fresh air to their retro designed laptops. And they’re pretty impressive pieces of technology too! Just like any 2-in-1 laptops, they have a hinge that allows the laptop to flip between 4 positions: laptop, tablet, stand and tent mode.
  • Lenovo makes laptops to suit everyone’s needs. Unless you have something against Lenovo, you won’t really need to look for other brands. They have a very wide range of laptops: budget, powerful workstation, 2-in-1, gaming, and more.

Lenovo’s Weaknesses

  • Their laptop quality is inconsistent. Let’s not argue whether Lenovo makes high quality laptops or not, because they do. But sometimes, out of nowhere, Lenovo comes up with a new laptop that just doesn’t fit their usual quality standards. Though that was just for some of their notebooks.

  • Lenovo’s support is not the greatest. You can try to get behind this and use their social media support, but it often takes a long time before they respond. It’s something to expect from a physical product brand, as any other company whose main focus is on making sales.

Top-Rated Lenovo Laptops

To summarize Lenovo

Lenovo laptops are generally more expensive than other laptop manufacturers, but they’re also one of the more premium laptops you can buy.

Anyone considering to buy from Lenovo will find what he’s looking for, as the company offers a wide variety of laptops types: gaming, business, workstation, 2-in-1 and student laptops.

Although Lenovo’s is most known for making reliable business laptops, they also offer sweet design variety. One of their most innovative laptop series are the Yoga and Flex. They nailed every laptop features like the touchpad, keyboard type feel, display, graphics and speaker quality.

HP Laptops

HP’s Strengths

  • HP laptops are generally slightly less expensive, trading reliability for lower prices.

  • Yet, HP offers very great laptop performances.
  • HP got excessively great reviews in 2020, with all of their laptops scoring remarkably high.
  • They don’t follow trends when it comes to laptop designs. HP keeps innovating and coming up with new design ideas. Take the angled USB ports on the HP Spectre Folio for example. It’s one of HP’s biggest strengths and what makes this brand unique.

HP’s Weaknesses

  • One of the biggest downsides in HP is their customer support. They often struggle to give clear and helpful answers to client’s laptop problems. They could be more transparent and give actual helpful directions instead of taking your system over and charge you for it.

Top-Rated HP Laptops

To summarize HP

Despite HP being on the electronic market for a very long time, they’re still very relevant in the gaming and professional laptops industries.

Lenovo vs HP Laptops: Main Differences


Lenovo absolutely crushes HP when it comes to laptop reliability. Of course, HP laptops last for years and shouldn’t run into serious problems. But Lenovo is on another level. Their laptops are built like tanks and are close to military type reliability.


Without saying HP laptops aren’t powerful, Lenovo laptops have generally better performance than HP. It might be because Lenovo is slightly more expensive, so you’re getting better performance.


As Lenovo sticks to the classic ThinkPad look, HP keeps seeking for different design combinaison with new colors and textures for their laptops. While most people would prefer HP’s extrovert design ideas, it all comes down to personal preferences.


HP laptops are generally cheaper than lenovo’s. But Lenovo’s slightly higher price tags also come with higher performance, and of course, reliability. So go with HP if you’re just looking to save a few bucks, and with Lenovo for a long term, strong laptop.

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