Dell vs HP Laptops: How To Choose Your Next Laptop in 2021

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Both Dell and HP are good companies when talking laptops and are very similar when it comes to price and quality, but they have some differences in certain aspects

Some of their similarities are: Dell and HP lower-end laptops have problems with their hinges. Their cheap laptops have lower build quality and flexible chassis. I would suggest that you stay away from the cheaper laptops.

Cheap laptops are usually not worth the money. Most of the time, investing in a more expensive laptop is a smarter move. Dell and HP shine and offer excellent value in their more expensive categories of laptops priced around 1200$ USD.

Most of the time HP laptops offer more features and overall are more performant than Dell laptops. Generally speaking Dell laptops are cheaper than HP laptops. If you are on a budget you should go with Dell. 

When it comes to build quality and reliability, you should go with a Dell laptop. Even though by no means HP laptops are cheap, Dell is the winner when it comes to build quality. If you are looking for a laptop with good build quality and a long lasting laptop. Dell customer service is excellent and probably better than HP.

I would suggest to you that you select a laptop by its performance, specification and customers reviews and not by comparing only the brand. Both of these brands offer great laptops.

Now I know, searching on the internet and comparing different laptop models can be a long process. That’s why I did all the research for you, and identified the main strengths and weaknesses of each company regarding laptops.

Obviously both Dell and HP make high quality products.

Whether you’re a student, gamer, writer or artist, both Dell and HP offer laptops that suit you.

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Top 3 Dell laptops of 2021

Image Product Best for Amazon
Dell XPS 15
Student laptops
Alienware Area 51M
High-end gaming
Dell Latitude 7490
Budget laptop

Top 3 HP laptops of 2021

Image Product Best For Buy Link
HP Pavilion x360 14"
Budget laptops
HP Elite Dragonfly
2-in-1 laptops for productivity
Gaming laptops

Dell vs HP laptops: Which best suits your needs?


Dell has been known for being very consistent and relevant in the laptop market, while bringing innovative ideas for their laptop designs. With their XPS series’ slim and premium designs, they’ve managed to stay on top of the market for decades. Take the XPS 13 for example, being the world’s smallest 2-in-1 laptop.


For HP, those showed quite impressive improvements within the last decade. Just like Dell, HP laptops are just as good or reliable. Of course, they have different designs and it all comes down to personal preferences.

HP laptops are generally better looking than Dell laptops. They also tend to be slightly more performant than Dell’s.

Dell’s strengths

  • Dell’s provides the best high-end laptops, like the XPS 13 and XPS 15. Those are the best overall high-end machines on the market you can buy.

  • Dell has a wide variety of laptops that suit every need. From high-end gaming to mid-range student laptops, they’ve got you covered.

  • They just keep innovating their laptops. Take the XPS 13 for example, as it was lacking a webcam for several versions, and finally got one. It also got an upgrade with an extremely thin screen bezel. Talk about adding multiple innovations at once.

Dell’s weaknesses

  • While Dell has generally better quality, some of them aren’t the greatest, like their notebooks, got some average users review, while they were advertised as premium notebooks.



  • Similarly to HP, Dell tends to go the easy way when addressing their customers laptop issues. They often take the laptop over and ask for overpriced repair services, when only a few instructions and technical guidance from the agent could do the job.

Strengths of HP

  • HP generally has higher overall user reviews.

  • They made some good innovations in technology.

  • They have some of the best laptop designs, with small, but useful touches. Some of their laptops have a complete leather surface. It’s hard to beat in terms of design originality.

Weakness of HP

  • HP tends to be a bit though on communicating with their customers. They sometimes recommend their clients to buy a new laptop, while only a simple and easy fix could do the job.

Most standing-out difference between HP and Dell laptop

What stands out the most when comparing HP and Dell laptops are the reviews and positive response from the users. HP managed to pull off very positive responses across all of their laptop series and types (Chromebooks, 2-in-1, Workstations, etc).

While Dell offers the most powerful laptops (Alienware and G series), they struggle to make powerful mainstream laptops at affordable prices. In other words, they’re very present in the high-end spectrum of laptops.

Price comparison

HP always had the edge over HP when it comes to price and performance. For the same price, HP laptops are generally more powerful, which is perfect if you’re looking to save money without compromising performance.

Laptop design

Don’t get me wrong, both companies offer top-notch, beautiful designs for their laptops.

While Dell tends to follow the same standard laptop design (with some slight adjustments on each model), HP tends to be more innovative on new design attempts.

HP also aims for better color variety, while Dell seems to be stuck with the repetitive colorless dark look.

Personally, I’m more of a Dell laptops guy. But laptop designs all come down to personal preference


Dell laptops are more performant in every way. Of course, the edge in performance from Dell comes with generally higher price. Don’t get me wrong, some of HP are also extremely performant, just slightly less than Dell.

Laptop variety

Dell is clearly a winner for their multiple laptop types. Just to name a few, they’ve got the G series for gaming, XPS for standard high performance, Alienware for even better gaming rigs.

HP has some variety too with the Chromebooks, Omen gaming laptops and 2-in-1.

Laptop variety is not HP’s strong point.

Laptops innovation

Like I said earlier, HP always brings up new touches and innovations to their laptops. Same for the looks, new design ideas are always emerging from the HP company. Compared to Dell, who tend to stick to a more neutral, standard laptop shape.

Technology variety

HP is known for their multiple desktop technologies. They don’t just produce laptops.

Contrarily to Dell, who is mainly focused on laptop monitors and laptops.

HP makes printers, scanners, camera, desktop computers, and so much more. Making it very good at creating new accessories for laptops.

For the past years, HP really pushed its limits for designing laptops. Their HP Spectre Folio is a great example, with its unique leather design and satisfying-to-use hinge to switch between laptop and tablet modes.

Support and Warranty

HP’s customer service is one of its biggest weaknesses. Most of the time, they have difficulty to provide helpful advice and solutions.

Sometimes phone calls also last way too long, when it could last for only a few minutes when it’s a simple fix.

Dell provides a much better customer support experience. You can contact them on social media. Their agents actually know what they’re talking about, and have solid knowledge on their brand’s products, making the technical help flawless.

It’s way more convenient when they can just tell you how to fix your laptop, compared to HP’s horrible over-the-phone assistance.

When to choose Dell?

Dell laptops can seem very expensive. But their build quality, wide selection range and great reputation really compensates for it.

If you’re looking into gaming laptops, I strongly recommend going for Dell’s Alienware series. Not only are they the most powerful and thrusted gaming laptop series, but they’re suited for any high performance tasks like video editing and multimedia.

Speaking of multimedia, they’ve got a wide range of 2-in-1 laptops you can choose from. So if you’re into digital arts, or just looking for a tablet convertible laptop, Dell got you covered.

Let’s not forget their customer support, which is the best I’ve ever seen. Their technical assistance process is enjoyable and effective.

Dell agents having a solid understanding of Dell products is also a big advantage, as it just makes the process even faster.

When to choose HP?

Go with HP if you’re more into smart and fancy innovations. They’re also very good in making budget laptops, like the Chromebook series. Even though paying extremely cheap, Chromebook laptops are incredibly optimized for browsing on the internet.

Although not as impressive as Dell, HP also offers a wide range of laptop types. If you need a powerful gaming laptop, they have the Omen series. If you’re more into 2-in-1 artist laptops, they’ve also got you covered.

There’s also the HP Pavilion series, which are highly powerful mainstream machines at affordable prices.

Well, go with HP for more wallet-friendly laptops, while still getting very strong performance.


Thank you for reading !

Best Overall Dell laptop: Dell XPS 15

brand Dell
CPU Intel 10th Gen i7-10750H
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti 4GB
OS Windows 10
Storage 1TB SSD
Display 15.6 inch 4k Anti-Reflective

Best Overall HP laptop: HP OMEN 15




AMD Ryzen 7 4800H


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB


16 GB


Windows 10 Home




15.6 inches, 144 Hz, IPS, 1080p

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  1. Very good, thanks. I’m budget conscious, so its a hard decision — I’m 71 and my usage is about 3 hours a day. I’ve bought my last two as HP, both under $300 at walmart. This time I’m considering Dell for around $370. Thanks….. Galen

  2. FUCK Dells support, I just spent 3 hours trying to speak to fast talking Indians to straighten my new account with then on correcting my credit account #! The worst! Galen VanSickel


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