Can I Add 8GB RAM to My 4GB Laptop?

The answer is yes, you can add 8GB RAM to your 4GB laptop.

However, there are a few things that you need to know before rushing out and buying the latest memory.

Adding more RAM to your computer will not magically make it faster or help if the processor is too slow, but it will allow you to multitask better in some cases. Before you buy any extra memory for your computer, be sure that you read everything in this post.

Things you need to look out for before adding 8GB

1. Make sure you have a 64-bit operating system

If you have a 64-bit operating system installed on your computer, then technically it is possible to install more than 4 Gb of RAM.

You can easily find this in the “system information” on Windows 10. Then look for “System type“.

Another way to check if the motherboard can support this upgrade would be by checking with your motherboard specification manual which will clearly state what hardware configurations are supported depending on how many memory slots there are in total.

2. Make sure you buy RAM with the same frequency (MHz)

When you’re adding more memory to your laptop, it’s important that the speed and frequency of the new RAM stick are identical to what you have currently.

If not, both sticks will be clocked down by whatever the lower-frequency one was.

So if you had 4GB 1300 MHZ ram sticks in the laptop and now you want to add a new 8GB that has a 1600MHz clock speed, the new stick will be clocked down to 1300 MHz. Not good.

3. Make sure your laptop can accept the new RAM

The maximum RAM speed your motherboard can handle is not the only thing you need to check in the user manual of your laptop.

You also want to find out what amount of RAM your computer can handle before reaching its threshold.

Your system will run faster if all the components are on a similar level, so make sure that both these aspects match with one another.

4. Make sure to have the same RAM type

DDR3 or DDR4. DDR3 is older but still works fine in most cases.

DDR4 is newer and faster, and typically the better choice. Make sure to check that your laptop supports this type of RAM before you buy it. If you’re not tech-savvy, contact your laptop’s manufacturer.

You can add the extra RAM yourself if you are comfortable doing so to save some money on labor costs.

5. I would recommend going with two of the same 4GB RAM sticks

This is simply to be safer. It is important to maintain compatibility and stability when upgrading your computer’s RAM.

For this reason, it is best to go for 2 of the same sticks like 2x 4 GB. That will make sure everything work together, without any problems. 

You want your computer’s performance to improve as much as possible without risking any stability problems or compatibility issues. Buying two of the same sticks is a good way to make sure you don’t have any problem when upgrading your memory capacity.

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