Best laptops for Netflix, Youtube and Disney+

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So you have nothing to do, and you’re stuck inside? Watching Netflix (or YouTube) comes to your mind, but don’t want to watch it on the TV?

Or you just want to watch Netflix in bed and fall asleep? I prefer using a laptop when I lay down, rather than a tablet, where you gotta hold it straight. It’s annoying to hold a tablet for hours. It’s easier to switch between YouTube and web surfing on a laptop. Plus you still got access to so many streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, Twitch and so much more!

Buying a laptop can get complicated. Especially if it’s your first laptop you buy. There’s so many laptops brands, types, prices to look at, it becomes exhausting. Prices can start from 150 bucks to up to 3000.

That’s why you gotta choose carefully. Yes, buying a 3000$ laptop will definitely be powerful, but it’s probably overpriced. In case you don’t plan on playing high demanding games (like Grand Theft Auto V), video editing, or demanding applications, you shouldn’t pay more than 500$

The most important step is asking yourself: Why do I need this computer?

If the answer is: surfing the web, watching YouTube/Netflix, watching your favourite streamers on Twitch, small video editing or chatting with your family/friends on Facebook, you don’t need much power.

You’ll be looking for a laptop for around 300$. Laptops made for Gaming (or very demanding tasks) can go from 700$ to 3000$ (and more). In the next section, we’ll talk about the important specs to look at for your best Netflix experience/everyday tasks.

What to consider when choosing your laptop

Obviously, the quality of the product is closely linked to the price you pay. You can get a 200$ laptop that will do just fine. But it might not be the best idea.Let me explain.There’s a general rule in the Tech business. There’s an optimal price point, where you get the best product value for your money.

That’s why I recommend paying slightly more to get a better screen, build quality, faster computer, higher quality speakers, etc.If you think of buying a cheaper laptop to save a few hundred bucks, you might regret it. Imagine watching your favourite Netflix show on a cheap, small laptop where you can’t see a thing.We spent hours searching forums, review websites and made a list of the best laptops designed for comfort and frequent use.

We chose laptops that were affordable, but still have solid build quality. In 2020, computers have much better specs than 5 years ago.Watching Netflix and YouTube is no difficult task anymore. In  other words, no matter how expensive, the specs will be enough to watch Netflix. That’s why, in our reviews, we’re not comparing laptops’ CPUs, and RAM memory. Instead, here’s what we’re gonna talk about: 

Build quality:

Some Laptops can be entirely made of cheap plastic and can seem quite wobbling. Premium laptops can have aluminum case, or  premium quality materials.

Keyboard quality:

Keyboard isn’t a major focus, but if you wanna use your laptop for writing, it can be a good idea to find one with a decent keyboard.

WI-FI capability:

Obviously, when you buy a laptop, you wanna have a good WI-FI connection to watch movies/videos in HD. Otherwise, your watching experience will definitely suffer. You don’t want your HD streaming video to lag every 5 seconds. Especially 4k movies/videos.


Major factor here. You want to have a high resolution and high quality screen. The type of panel is also important (IPS and LCD). Example: The very popular IPS panel used in more expensive laptops have eye-catching color. They also have very wide viewing angles. Though, today’s LCD screens are almost as good. Fear not, all laptops we picked have top-notch screens.

Sound quality:

Some of our laptop picks have decent speakers, but if you’re looking for having super quality sounds, we suggest investing in a good pair of headphones.


We made sure that they’re not too heavy to carry around. We picked laptops that weigh from 1 to 1.3 Kg.

Battery life:

Battery is an important factor to consider, but it depends on your needs. If you plan on keeping  your laptop inside your house, you don’t need a good battery. Just leave it plugged in. On the other hand, if you plan on using it outside, at the cafe or at work, you might wanna consider a laptop with a 16 hours battery. Most laptop batteries range from 8 to 16 hours.

Best Netflix laptops in 2020

1. Apple MacBook Air 2020

CPU:10th-gen dual-core i3| Graphics:Intel Iris Plus graphics| RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128 to 256GB SSD  | Display: 2560×1600 13-inch Retina display | Battery:  9 hours | Material: Full Aluminum | Operating system: macOS

It’s no surprise that the MacBook air is the best laptop in this review.

The screen of this laptop is simply to good. We had to put the macbook air in first place for  the perfect laptop to watch netflix or youtube.  But it is for a reason. With its thin, lightweight material, yet powerful hardware and optimized OS, it makes media consumption and productivity an enjoyable experience. Without mentioning that it’s Apple’s most beloved product.

Compared to the previous MacBook Air models, the MacBook Air 2020 comes with many fixes and new upgrades (Thanks to Apple listening to our complaints). They brought back the old keyboard keys mechanic, with more travel distance for a much more comfortable typing feel. They increased the SSD storage capacity to 256GB, and up to 2TB.

They also upgraded their CPU with the Intel 10th Gen Ice Lake. It is powered by a new microarchitecture technology, offering a 70% increase in performance compared with the previous model. Though, the increased performance mainly affects the Intel i5 version, which you can get for 100$ more than the i3 one. It’s definitely worth it if you ask me. But then again, if you’re only gonna watch movies, or work with a few simple softwares, the i3 model will do just fine.

Additionally, the graphic card also received a big upgrade. With the Intel Iris Plus Graphics, the laptop now shows an increase in graphics performance of at least 80%.

It has a 13” retina 2560×1600 display, being incredibly bright and clear, giving the text and colors a very crisp look (perfect if you like watching Netflix). And no need to speak of the screen resolution, being yet again way better than other laptops on this list.

It is clear that, with all these new features, the differences in upgrades from 2019-2020 are way higher than the differences from 2018-2019.

But in case you haven’t noticed, Apple’s MacBook Air is still compromising performance and storage capacity. But why? You might ask. Well, simply to make it more affordable than the MacBook Pro.

As mentioned, with the new Magic Keyboard technology, the keys now have longer travel distance, making typing much more enjoyable and easy. Huge plus if you often use the keyboard!

A laptop can’t come without its cons. The MacBook Air 2020 doesn’t come with many ports: 1 Audio jack, and 2 USB Thunderbolt 3 (Type-C). One of the biggest letdowns is the webcam, being only 720p. Not acceptable for a laptop of this price range. The battery also isn’t the greatest, lasting only 9 hours with normal use.

In summary, even with its great specs, the MacBook Air 2020 is definitely not a gaming laptop (mainly because of MacOS). But it’s probably the best laptop out there for watching Netflix,movies and videos and productivity.

See what YouTube has to say:

2. HP Chromebook 14

CPU: Amd dual-core a4-9120c | Graphics: Amd Radeon R3  | RAM: 4 GB ddr4| Storage: 32GB PCIe-based SSD | Display: 14-inch Full HD | Battery9 hours | Material: Plastic | Operating system: ChromeOS

Why this is our recommended pick: Best user rated Chromebook in 2020 and recommended by Amazon.

The HP Chromebook is of a low-price/high value notebook. It’s the ideal PC for entertainment like watching Netflix/YouTube. Entirely made of plastic it’s a pretty laptop. It’s equipped with very decent speakers.

With its latest dualCore AMD A4 series processor, it will give you enough power for any kind of multimedia application. It has 4GB of SD RAM. It’s equipped with a 32GB SSD and a good 9 hours battery life. This laptop comes with the ChromeOS, which is optimized for internet tasks. You also have access to all your favourite android applications. 

It has every port you’ll ever need on a laptop, HDMI out port, 1 USB 3.0 port, headphone jack, microSD card slot, 2 USB 2.0 ports.

The keyboard is surprisingly good. It has a responsive and premium feel when pressing the keys. The trackpad has a large surface area, and easy to use at low sensitivity.


3. Acer Chromebook

CPU: Intel Celeron 3160Graphics:Integrated IntelHD | RAM: 4 GB ddr4| Storage: 32GB PCIe-based SSD | Display: 14-inch (1080p) IPS | Battery: 12 hours | Material: Full Aluminum | Operating system: ChromeOS

Why it’s our top 2: Very lightweight, and perfectly adapted to use on a couch, or watch movies in bed. It has everything you want from a mid-priced laptop, while having an excellent value/price ratio.

The display size is 14 and 1080p, while most Chromebook are 11 and not full HD.Its stunning high quality, full HD display with IPS technology, it offers true vivid colours with low reflection. The brightness is easily adjustable. The viewing angle is extremely good.

The speakers are very high quality, with a stereo system. Perfect if you don’t plan on using headphones.It’s made with high quality aluminum alloy, making it very rigid and comfortable to hold and feels very premium. Most laptops of this price are made of plastic.

Though, the keyboard is the only downside. I won’t recommend it to someone who’d use it for writing big texts. The trackpad is pretty large, making it very easy to use on low sensitivity.If battery is an important factor for you, this is a great option. This laptop is made to use for a full day of work with a single charge.

Its front camera is surprisingly good, with high resolution and HDR technology.Now for the ports, it has 2 USB 3.0 (1st gen), 1 HDMI. Unfortunately, there’s no SD card slot.For the storage, it has an ultra fast 32GB eMMC (faster than SSD), being very convenient to load up applications fast.

Now let’s talk about the specs. This laptop has nothing amazing in terms of specs. It has an Intel Celeron N3160 Quad Core 1.6Ghz, 4GB of RAM and a IntelHD graphic internal card. Fortunately, this laptop runs on ChromeOS, which doesn’t need good specs to run smoothly. Meaning, it’s still extremely fast browsing the internet. Though, you might wanna limit your number of running applications, as this can make your PC lag more than you expect.

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