Best Chromebook Laptops under 200$

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Laptops aren’t always money friendly, and they can be quite expensive. But there are actually decent laptops for 200$ or less! Those might not be the most powerful ones, but powerful enough to perform simple tasks like homeworks, office work, web browsing, email, watching videos, etc.

The reason is, most of these computers run ChromeOS, which is really good at running basic tasks programs (like web surfing, etc). In other words they’re fast with not-so-great specs, thanks to their optimized OS. And let me tell you, they can be faster than some really expensive Windows 10 computer.

I spent hours searching the internet to find the best value laptops you can buy in 2020 for 200$ or less. So you won’t have to! Thank me later.

1. ASUS Chromebook C202Sa

Epic and Perfect Laptop for Students

  • Display Size: 11.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1366×768 pixels
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR3
  • Memory Speed: 2.48 GHz
  • Battery : 7,040mAh
  • Hard Drive: 32 GB



Our verdict

Let’s talk about the Asus Chromebook C202Sa. This laptop is a beast for the price. It might look funny at first glance, but thanks to its rubbery corners, it can withstand pretty much any accidental drop. Shove it in your backpack, toss it around the house…

Well, this thing handles anything you throw at it! It can even survive a 4-foot drop… falling flat! But who likes to treat his laptops like this anyway? With its rubber legs, this laptop can easily stick to any type of surface.

The laptop is water resistant, but not the same way nowadays smartphones are. According to Asus, it can handle a small 2.24 oz water splash. Compared to water-resistant smartphones, which can survive an hour in the pool, the Asus Chromebook C202Sa is far behind in terms of water resistance.

Good thing is, the C202Sa is easy to repair, with removable back and changeable parts. So no need to buy a new one if it breaks! Just order a few parts and easily replace them yourself!

The Asus Chromebook c202Sa weight is extremely low, at only 2.65 pounds (lighter than the Macbook Air 2020). So carrying it won’t be a problem.

The connections are fairly good, with 2 USB-A ports, an SD card slot, one audio jack and a HDMI port. This laptop comes with an Intel Wi-Fi adapter. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 + WIDI, it also supports connecting and streaming to compatible displays.

Its stereo speakers aren’t the best, but the sound quality is very acceptable.

The specs are mediocre, but more than enough to do basic tasks. It has a Intel’s Celeron N3060 CPU, 4GB or RAM and an Intel HD graphics 400.

To summerize, this laptop is extremely well built, with its shock resistant corners, and water splash resistance. Its specs aren’t out of this world, but for 200$, it’s hard to not recommend it.

2. Lenovo 100E Chromebook

Best Sleek Design Laptop

  • Processor: 2.1 GHz MediaTek MT8125
  • RAM: 4GB DDR4
  • Storage:  64GB
  • Display: 11.6″ HD 1366 x 768
  • Operating System: ChromeOS
  • Battery : 10 hours
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs



Our verdict

Contrary to most Chromebooks, the Lenovo 100E shows slightly better performance for basic tasks. It’s also not something you’d expect for a laptop of this price.

The display is 11.6 inches, which isn’t the largest. But for a display of this size, its resolution is more than enough (1366×768). Who can complain for a tablet this cheap anyway? Though, the actual display quality is outperforming the screen size, with clear and lively colors. The pixels will look nice and show the true colors of the images.

Unlike the Asus Chromebook Flip (C100PA-DB02), It does not have a touchscreen feature. But again, it’s way more affordable than its competitors.

The body is made of strong plastic, which makes it resistant to small drops and scratches.

At this price point, it does not feature the classic ThinkPad keys quality. But it still has the nice Chromebook style keyboard layout, being very writing-friendly. You’re definitely having the best for your money.

The touchpad feels smooth, and doesn’t stick to the finger when gliding on it. Although tapping on it can become quite a hassle, as normal taps just won’t register.

The connectivity is standard, with a USB-C for charging, USB 3.0, SD card reader, HDMI, a mic and headphones ports. The speaker sound quality isn’t the best, but it’s plenty enough for general multimedia/multipurpose tasks. And the volume reaching high levels compensates for it.

The webcam is 720p, which isn’t great, but still very acceptable in 2020.

Its specs are farly good, with a Intel MediaTek Dual Core CPU, Intel integrated graphics, 4GB of RAM and 16GB of flash memory. Unsurprisingly, this laptop takes 12 seconds to boot (thanks to the flash drive).

But that’s not to be compared with the actual speed of the computer, which can hardly handle too many programs opened at once. Running Chrome tabs is gonna be fairly smooth though, with about 8 tabs opened at once.

This laptop has a sleek and very attractive look, with a kind of premium looking body. It doesn’t have killer-specs, limiting it to browse the web and do simple tasks. The display is not IPS, but hey, that would just make the price higher! Well, this laptop is made for students, or just for general web tasks.

3. Samsung Chromebook 3

Best Display Laptop for Value

  • Processor: 1.60 GHz Intel Atom
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR2
  • Storage: 32 GB EMMc
  • Display: 11.6″ 1366×768
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Battery : 11 hours
  • Weight: 1.15 kg



Our verdict

The Samsung Chromebook is a good laptop for studying/office work, just as it is for entertainment. Thanks to its specs, it has fairly good performance and allows for better experience than most chromebook laptops in this price range. The battery life is also surprisingly good, lasting about 10 hours of normal use (typical with Chromebooks, since they’re used for simple tasks).

It’s also fairly light, allowing it to be easily carried around. It also makes it more resistant to accidental drops damage.

The keyboard features the spill resistance technology, making it also somewhat comfortable to use. No risk in bringing it in a coffee shop, with a beverage next to it! The touchpad is also really comfortable to use, and no need to tap firmly.

The display quality is very good (it’s from Samsung, what do you expect?). The viewing angles are exceedingly good for the price. The screen is as bright as ever, brighter than most laptops. It has a 1366×768 LED display, which is a great feature for the price.

With its 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3060 CPU, Intel HD Graphics 400 and 4GB of RAM, this laptop will handle web surfing and writing very well. And don’t feel limited when web surfing, as it can easily handle about 10 running Google Chrome tabs at once!

The connection ports are standard, with 1 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0, HDMI, microSD slot and a headphone jack.

The Samsung Chromebook 3 has 32GB of flash memory, which is normal for ChromeOS (you won’t need a lot of space anyway). It features a 720p webcam, which isn’t the clearest, but still somewhat acceptable.

To summarize, the Samsung Chromebook 3 is well built and has a bright and sharp display. The specs aren’t out of this world, but definitely better than most Chromebooks of this price range.

4. HP Chromebook 14 (Intel version)

Best Keyboard Chromebook Laptop

  • Processor: Intel Celeron N3350
  • Storage:  32GB eMMC
  • Display: 14″ 1920×1080
  • Operating System: ChromeOS
  • Battery : 10 hours
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs



Our verdict

If you’re the kind of person who likes large displays, this laptop is your first choice

Its body is made of plastic, yet feels very premium with its different texture combinations. It also gives it a very attractive look.

It weighs 3.3 pounds, which might be slightly above the range of other general-use laptops. 

The display is the big thing about this laptop, (literally) being 1080p. You can’t say that about most Chromebooks that are mostly 1366 x 768. It’s almost double the resolution.

I can’t say the same about the keyboard, which doesn’t support backlighting. A feature that was around for more than 10 years. But it won’t be a problem in daylight, with its well designed keys layout. The arrow keys might be a bit small, but it’s a negligible detail.

The performance is, once again, pretty standard for a Chromebook at this price. It has a Amd dual-core a4-9120c with 4 GB of RAM. It has way enough power for simple tasks. But running games on it is a big no-no. Don’t even try, as you won’t even get to the menu screen.

To summarize, the Chromebook 14 is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a high resolution screen for 200$ or less. 

5. Acer Chromebook 11

Best Display and Battery Life

  • Processor: Intel Celeron N3050 1.60GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage:  32GB
  • Display: 11.6″ 1366×768
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Battery : 10 hours
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs



Our verdict

Contrary to other Chromebooks, this laptop has its focus on the main specs. 

Not only the Acer Chromebook 11 has a very decent display, its battery life is also a big plus on this laptop.

Browsing the web, streaming videos or simple tasks will feel very smooth, as it features a 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron CPU with 16GB of storage space. Again, pretty standard for Chromebooks.

It includes one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port, an HDMI output, and SD Card slot.

The display is 11.6 inches in size. It has a matte finish and nice viewing angles. It also prevents glares, making it ideal for outdoor use. The resolution is not that great (1366 x 768), but the web pages and videos will look crisp enough.

Bottom line, the Acer Chromebook 11 doesn’t have the best specs, but still fits in the standard of most Chromebooks. And its low price makes up for it. Well, it’s a great Chromebook for its battery life and top-notch display quality.

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