Asus Strix vs TUF 3080: Which Graphic Card is Better?

While both the RTX 3080 Strix and TUF are great card series, their main difference is in appearance.

There is not much of a performance difference between these two series.

TUF is the budget-friendly option, while Strix is for those who prefer to invest in quality. The TUF line offers a great balance between affordability and durability, while Strix provides more ‘premium’ features you can find on the 3080. 

What are the differences between Asus Strix and TUF 3080?

The Strix uses more power than other gaming graphics cards in the 3080 series. It’s also designed to run at lower temperatures while being quiet as possible. The card also has higher binning.

The Strix cards are made for those who want to go all out and push their system limits.

As an avid overclocker, it’s hard to stay away from the Strix cards, because they have some features that make them perfect for extreme overclocking!

For instance, I love how voltage monitoring points are on PCB and make it so much easier to read it.

The Strix card also includes a triple 8 pins connector for more power delivery, which means you can go big without worrying about your motherboard burning out or having system instability issues.

Though both series are manufactured by Asus, which still make one of the best laptops on the market.

It features better cooling systems for overclocking. It has dual BIOSes and an extra onboard fan header linked directly to a built-in sensor to keep up with the GPU temperatures.

Which one should you buy?

I’ve been debating between the Strix and TUF for weeks, but I think I might have found a good compromise.

The TUF card is still a great performer, to begin with, and overclocking the Strix only yields insignificant improvements in a performance like 4-5% or something minuscule like that. So instead of paying an extra $150 on top of your card, I would suggest you save up some money.

I’ve watched some of the TUF and Strix RTX 3080 GPU performance comparison videos for a while now. There won’t be any major difference in their performances, other than slight variations due to overclocking approaches and extra fan headers on the Strix for better cooling.


The Asus Strix and the TUF 3080 are both powerful, high-quality graphics cards that offer different features as well as affordability.

If you’re looking for something with more RGB lighting or a card specifically designed to run at lower temperatures then I would recommend the Strix.

However if you find yourself on a budget and still want an impressive GPU for your gaming PC, then go ahead and get one of the cheaper models in this series like the TUF!

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