Are Gigabyte graphics cards good? (unbiased review)

While Gigabyte is generally a great company for PC components, they are in the middle of the pack when it comes to GPUs.

They’re slightly lower quality compared to more popular brands like MSI and Asus.

Their graphics cards are definitely not the best. The results are mixed, with some saying that they’re great while others say that they’re poor.

While Gigabyte makes great motherboards, their GPUs are not as good. Their cards aren’t very expensive, but they get noticeably hotter and use more power than other brands of the same card.

They are also all over the place when it comes to the quality of their products. If you aim for a mid/high-end GPU, then we would recommend looking somewhere else, like MSI or ASUS.

But If you’re looking for an affordable GPU with solid performance that can be overclocked, then a gigabyte would be a good choice.

The price of Gigabyte cards is really their biggest advantage. If you want something cheap and that can be overclocked without any problem, Gigabyte is your choice.

Personally, if the price is lower than other brands and offers similar performance, I would go with Gigabyte.

Are Gigabyte GPUs reliable?

Gigabyte is well-known for making quality motherboards.

However, Gigabyte graphics cards reviews will be a mixed bag of some really good products, and some completely average products with no innovation.

When it comes to video cards, Gigabyte’s reputation leaves something to be desired.

You may have had a good experience with one of their GPUs in the past, making you less wary of buying another motherboard or GPU from them in the future.

On average, however, different users will have different opinions on Gigabyte’s useability based on their own personal experiences and the product they bought.

They are more reliable when you start getting into high-end GPUs, which are also more expensive.

However, if your goal is to get a high-end graphics card that can run all the new games at ultra, investing in a MSI or Asus GPU would be smarter.

So, Gigabyte is a good choice for someone who is building an entry-level computer but still wants to play the most demanding games on their machine. If you want a high-end GPU, go with the most reliable brands like Asus and MSI.

Have Gigabyte GPUs improved over the years?

It’s true that Gigabyte has had problems with their quality control in the past. And they are trying to get back on the horse… as they truly should.

They’ve shown to have made efforts to improve their quality control and customer service, which is crucial because nobody wants a GPU that doesn’t work as advertised.

So, did Gigabyte really learn from their past mistakes?

Yes, sort of. You just have to look at recent Amazon reviews, forums and youtube video reviews.

A few years ago, many people said that Gigabyte cards were bad and admitted that some of their products had inconsistencies in performance and features.

Nowadays, it seems that many people have turned in favor of Gigabyte and claim that their GPUs are amongst the best on the market.


In general, Gigabyte has mixed reviews when it comes to their GPU products. 

Some people say they’re great while others claim otherwise. It really depends on your personal experience with them as well as what type of GPU you’re looking for (high-end or low-end).

Gigabyte is great if you want something low-mid range at an affordable price. Especially if you can get a good deal on them, I would buy one.

However, if you’re willing to spend a little extra to get a more performant GPU, I would recommend MSI or ASUS as they’re more reliable than Gigabyte overall.

Are Gigabyte products good Yes, they are, even if they had some quality issues a few years ago.

If I buy a Gigabyte GPU today,  is it going to give me some major problems in a few months?

The new RTX series should be fine for years to come. They made some improvements on multiple aspects of the GPU.

Are Gigabyte cards worth buying today?

Yes. Gigabytes makes great affordable cards, and they are worth buying over many other cheaper brands.

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