A Review of ASUS Laptops: What are the Best Models?

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The ASUS brand is one of the most popular laptop brands in the world.

It’s not just because they have a wide variety of models and price ranges, but it’s also due to their sleek and stylish design that makes them look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

This post will review some of our favorite models from this brand, giving you recommendations on which ones you should buy for your needs!

Are Asus laptops reliable?

Absolutely. Asus is one of the best brands for laptops, and they’re also known to have fewer issues than other manufacturers. There are a few different factors that contribute to this:

Their design may be more durable  so it’s less susceptible to breakage or damage due to shock if dropped.

They also include a limited warranty on all models with no questions asked! Asus offers an extensive line-up of products catering to various budgets and user preferences.

Why choose Asus in 2021

ASUS makes high-quality, solid laptops that are also surprisingly affordable. They have a wide variety of prices and models so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs exactly!

Best laptop brands in the world? It’s difficult to say if there is a “best” brand for everyone because it really depends on what they need their laptop for.

But ASUS would be among the best laptop brands available today based on quality, reliability, and affordability combined with features.

Asus laptops prices vary dramatically from a few hundred dollars all the way up to thousands depending on the model you choose.

Some people like having just a simple baseline machine while others want all the bells and whistles you could ever ask for.

Asus strengths

  • Affordable pricing, making them accessible to a lot of people.
  • The ASUS brand has been around for over 30 years and is one of the most popular laptop brands in In the world. They provide excellent customer service too!
  • Asus strives to make the best technology available at affordable prices
  • They are known for their innovation in the tech industry

Asus weaknesses

  • Asus offers fewer warranty options than the competition does

A Great ASUS laptops for students

The ASUS (Chromebook Flip C436) is one of the best laptops for students.

It’s affordable, lightweight, and easy to carry around campus with you.

The best parts of a laptop and tablet, with the simplicity of Chrome OS.

Asus C436 is visually stunning. Slimmed-down to be just 12.6mm thin and an incredibly lightweight 1.2kg, it has astonishing 2-in-1 capabilities, meaning you can use it as either a detachable touchscreen or as a traditional non-touchscreen laptop through the 180° hinge mechanism.

Also, it has enough power to do basic tasks like word processing or playing games that aren’t too graphic intensive.

 Plus, its battery lasts an impressive 10 hours on a single charge.

Perfect if you’re going away from home for work all day long!This laptop would be especially great for someone who needs something small and mobile as their main computer while they are out of the house throughout the day.

Good ASUS laptops for business and professionals

The ZenBook 13  is one of the best laptops for business professionals.

It has a large, 13-inch display that’s great for editing documents or doing presentations in front of clients and colleagues.

The ZenBook 13 never compromises on performance, even with its compact size.

All-aluminum and weighing next to nothing, it’s the perfect laptop for a business and productivity-minded person who spends their work hours at work or in cafes.

And if you’re a gamer looking to play without breaking the bank, this is your guy.

Perfect ASUS laptops for gamers

The Asus ROG Strix Scar III  is perfect for gamers. Its sleek and lightweight design features fast graphics that will allow you to play the newest games in their highest settings without a problem.

It’s guaranteed to give you a competitive edge with its 240hz screen. With this tear-free display, your gaming performance will rocket high up in the sky and leave all of your rivals behind in smoke.

This laptop would be great for someone who loves gaming as well as doing other tasks like video editing or programming.

Asus Laptops with a long battery life

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a laptop that’s fit for any battle, even if it lasts an entire day.

The sleek design and metal finish provide not only looks but durability too.

This light-weight powerhouse gaming PC can endure the most difficult challenges with its reliable 11 hours battery life meaning you don’t have to worry about working on your game at home or in a coffee shop anymore.

If you’re looking into high-end ASUS Laptops then this should definitely be at the top of your list.

Best Asus Laptop for Touchscreen

The Asus Chromebook is one of the best ASUS touchscreen laptops. It features a slim design with lots of storage space and a beautiful display.

With its sleek and smooth design, this Asus Chromebook has a 12″ touchscreen display. Productivity is key to this machine with the Chrome web browser that syncs across devices, Google Drive cloud storage system.

If you need a device for browsing online or watching movies then this should definitely suit your needs well.

Asus laptop on a budget

With its speedy processor and long-lasting battery, the ASUS VivoBook 15 is perfect for casual use at home or while traveling. Its low price is a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive laptops.

It is compact and light, yet strong enough to withstand demanding use with an energy-conscious design that helps conserve battery life.

It delivers 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, so you can work effortlessly between classes or meetings around town.

Conclusion of Asus laptops

An Asus laptop is a great choice if you’re looking for something reliable and durable at an affordable price, with some models being more expensive than others depending on what features they have.

The battery life of Asus laptops is also surprisingly long-lasting which makes them perfect to use while traveling or working remotely!


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